Let's get social.

Nestled into Hotel Arts, is the ultimate hideaway – Poolside. Here you’ll find your freestyle, with spaces designed for connection and crafted for both the solo and social visitor. Whether you’re looking to dangle your toes into our heated pool, or kickback fireside with our weekend DJs, there is an experience for everyone.


The Nitty-Gritty

Pool Fee & Time Limit

There is a 3-hour time limit on all poolside reservations or walk-ins. Non-hotel guests will be charged a $40 pool fee if swimming, regardless of if your table is located inside the Freestyle lounge or on the pool deck. Guests who miss their pool reservation will be charged $10 per person to their room.

Hotel Guest Access

Registered Hotel guests at Hotel Arts or Hotel Arts Kensington receive priority access to Poolside by Freestyle Social Club.

Registered Hotel guests are able to make ONE reservation per room per day for a maximum of 4 people. A 3-hour dining time limit is applicable. Additional times may be available on a first come first served basis. Reservations for registered hotel guests is highly recommended and can be made via our Front Desk.

Guests who miss their pool reservation will be charged $10 per person to their room.

Pool Rules (non smoking)


  • Do be kind to the staff and patrons
  • Do soak up the sun and enjoy the summer vibe at the Arts
  • Do sip cold drinks responsibly
  • Do enjoy yourself poolside…how often can you do this in the heart of Downtown Calgary?!
  • Do put on clothes and shoes to walk through the public areas of Hotel Arts or inside the Freestyle Social Club  lounge
  • Do be respectful of your fellow patio patrons and our artisans who are pleased to serve you. The Golden Rule really applies in this case.


  • Don’t bring any outside food or drink to Poolside by Freestyle Social Club.
  • Don’t do anything that begins with the phrase “Hey everyone, watch this!”
  • Don’t stare (wear your shades)
  • Don’t dive or jump into the pool…it’s too shallow and we appreciate you in your current healthy form.
  • Don’t run on the pooldeck…kick back and relax in laidback luxury. 
  • Don’t bring glassware poolside…if it breaks, the party is over for all of us as we’ll need to empty the pool, clear the deck and vacuum up all those micro bits.  You don’t want people pointing fingers at you for ruining everyone’s fun, right?
  • Don’t enter the pool with open wounds, or if you’ve been ill with something contagious and/or hazardous. We feel bad for you and hope you heal up quickly but please don’t share your ailments with others.
  • Do not drink beverages in the pool. Please only drink at designated seating areas.
  • Don’t smoke or vape at Poolside by Hotel Arts.

Dress Code

Hotel Arts is a busy boutique property that hosts guests from a variety of backgrounds, age groups and cultural backgrounds. As such, we ask our pool patrons to be respectful of all our guests at the hotel and be dressed appropriately (ie: shorts, shirts, cover-ups, shoes) when in the public areas. We ask that you put on clothes to walk through the public areas of Hotel Arts and inside the lounge at Freestyle Social Club.

Please use your better judgement when selecting your poolside attire and, in the absence of good judgement, our friendly team of artisans will invite you back for a different day.

Taking Photos & Videos

When taking photos/videos, please be mindful of your neighbours who might not wish to be included in your shots. Asking permission instead of pleading forgiveness is a great way to foster a nice neighbourly vibe…and you might make a friendship too. Please respect the wishes of your neighbour if they decline to be included…enjoy the scene instead of creating one.

Chlorine vs Salt Water

The pool at Freestyle Social Club uses chlorinated water.

OpenTable Reservations

Where reservations are available, select “patio” to reserve on our patio or otherwise select “main” to be seated inside the Freestyle Social Club lounge. Please note, reserving a space in the lounge does not guarantee you access to the pool.

Upcoming Poolside Closures
  • Sunday, September 8th, 2024 - Wednesday, September 18th, 2024.

Upcoming events

Social Hour

Join us for our Freestyle Social Hour. Enjoy rotating features 7 Days a Week from 3-6PM! Not available at Poolside.